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How to Utilise Cron Jobs in CWP  How to utilise cron jobs in CWPA cron job is a scheduled (automated) task executable from your... What is the Php.ini file and how to use it The Php.ini file is a configuration file, storing standard settings and characteristics of your... Adding your contact information One needs a point of contact that is outside of the domain, as if anything happens to the... Changing cPanel Password When logged into cPanel Dashboard, one can change their password (this is recommended to be done... Directory Privacy This functionality was created for management of access to one’s folders, prevalent when working... Disk Usage This allows one to access and view how much disk space in the directory has been used. How to Create and Manage Email Addresses on cPanel One can create personalized email accounts within their domain, set in the format of... How to change your CWP Password This is a tutorial on how to change your CWP password. First you login to your client page on... How to change your Nameservers Log into your members area on freeweb.services 2. Click on domains then under domains select... How to change your cPanel password from your ClientZone Forgot your cPanel password and can't login ? This tutorial will show you how to change your... How to increase the upload_max_filesize in CWP control panel This tutorial will show you how to increase max upload file size in WordPress on Free Web Hosting... How to install an SSL certificate on free web hosting So this tutorial assumed you have already registers your account and your domain is live and... How to log into the CWP panel You have now registered for your web hosting account and you would like to know how to login to... How to use MySQL in CWP side bar menu phpMyAdmin: phpMyAdmin is one of the most popular applications for MySQL... What are Subdomains A subdomain is an additional part to your main domain name. Subdomains are created to organize... What is an "inode"? An inode is a record in a disk table, which contains information about a file or folder such as... What is the Process List? A process list is a collection of all the processes that are currently being run on your website.... cPanel Style/ Theme One can change the cPanel interface theme, there are four standard options to choose from, which...
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