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How to Install Java Applications Using Softaculous Print

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Not happy with PHP applications and scripts or you just need some java on your site to spice up its functionality? Then make use of Softaculous to hunt, demo and install a java application for your website.


By taking these simple steps, your site will thank you for the Java additions.


Step 1. Go to the Softaculous Dashboard and switch from PHP to Java on the top left button just next to the side bar.


Step 2. The libraries drop down menu shows all the Java applications available for installations, you can search, select and  demo your desired applications.

Step 3. Once you have an application you want to install, click on the two install buttons for the custom installation or toggle the drop down arrow to choose between Custom and Quick Install.


3.1 Custom Install requests clarity on the application URL, application version and any advanced settings you may want to play around with.

3.2 Quick install goes straight to the point, URL and install are all it requires.


Step 4 Click install once you are done with your configurations








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